Sky is part of the landscape series. We are accustomed to seeing the sky always in reference to ground, water or vegetation. Sky is an attempt to show the sky as a valuable landscape on its own. The works are a combination of several photographs taken at different times. In the process of making these images, some parts of the used images are enhanced and some are erased. Some layers are given more weight, while others remain just as a gentle touch. The layering of black and white and colour photographs creates a special feeling. The works are clearly photographs, but they move on the thin border of painting and photography. In the end it is not so important that the images are photographs, they appear just as images.
Many of my previous works have been dealing with photography and the traditions of portraiture. The Forest and Sky series are clear continuations of that and they refer to different subject matters; for these works traditions of visual arts are just as important as the traditions of photography.