Discussing Duration

My works dive into themes of momentariness: time, chance and uniqueness. Working process translates the surrounding features and passage of time into a combination of image plane and three dimensional structure by taking hundreds and hundreds of photos and stacking them together as a continuum. Three dimensional structure liberates the moment to be interacted with.

Abstracting moments does everything but distance myself from them. As figurative elements turn into something else, clarity takes over. I'm able to see more clearly. Pieces offer numerous ways to throw myself back to my daughters bubbling laughter or absolute silence of mind that but more than that they suggest me to bring the moments to be part of the present. Memory isn’t something immutable that you preserve as is. I’m urged to take the
liberty to build more layers on top of the epoch, interact and have a unique discussion between moments time after time. Something that has happened is not the past, it’s the present with a twist.

Philosopher Henri Bergson confers that it is impossible to represent the real passage of time the way it is experienced. But to get close to inner duration one can take a series of acts of direct participation to the moment and accept that the indeterminateness of things has a freedom to affect the outcome.

I perceive my works as a visual conference with this approach. They represent freedom to communicate with the moment.

I co-operate with chance and follow my intuition but it’s the precise scores that I follow that brings forth the hidden and unpredictable essence of the moment. Contrarily something that obeys strict rules can reveal something that is completely free of them. Even if my works are dealing with existential themes, in the end they upfront my subjective experience of duration – they are reminiscences of unique moments in particular time and place.

All this comes back to the concept of duration. Thinking in duration is to think intuitively; intuition is being aware that reality is continuous and always changing. Therefore I think the most accurate way to grasp reality is to create proofs that it is in constant transition.