Jussi Nahkuri is deeply fascinated by the photographs' capability to use time to reveal surrounding phenomena to be visually observed. Through repetition and rearranging the material Nahkuri’s works give existential and abstract concepts a new tangible and spontaneous appearance. Passage of time recorded into the works at the same time dismantle and recreate the way to experience the present moment. Nahkuri sees every work representing that very moment at that specific place when everything fell into place. And the best part is the privilege: the moment was meant only for him. Most accurate way to grasp reality is to create proofs that it is in constant transition. Nahkuri co-operates with chance and he follows intuition but it’s the precise scores that brings forth the hidden and unpredictable essence of the moment. Contrarily something that obeys strict rules can reveal something that is completely free of them. Even if his works are dealing with existential themes, in the end they upfront subjective experience of duration – they are reminiscences of unique moments in particular time and place brought to the present to be interacted with.

Jussi Nahkuri (b. 1988) works and lives between Helsinki and Kouvola, Finland. He thinks that you don't have to be whisked off to another dimension to be awestruck. The present moment can do it better. Even though Nahkuri sees himself as an active part in the working process, he states that the key role is played by chance. Unpredictable outcome is the element that has led Nahkuri to unconditionally fall in love with the concept of duration that allows chance to step in. He is only the channel to filter the inexhaustible feed of changes.