Reflections of the Ever-Changing (The Short History of Now)

This series is Ea Vasko´s latest series of photographs. She has photographed reflections in nightly cities from a very close distance. Through the reflections she pictures the constant change and movement that is happening in a city space. A reflection has an ability to gather the light surrounding it to one, abstract picture on a surface. Vasko compares these reflections to momentary experiences: The experience of now is fresh, abstract and still apart from a logical timeline of history that we tend to build in our heads. The abstraction and a certain kind of unpredictable quality of now are just like the picture seen in a reflection; it is not totally definable, yet, it is just a sighting. The reflection can be captured to a photograph, but it looks like the camera is too slow for the ever-changing world as well. Something in the picture has moved already during the exposure.