Defining Darkness

"Defining Darkness" is a series of photographs in which Vasko investigated nightly spaces as well as the process of seeing in the dark. In a dark space there is not enough colour or light for the eye to clearly perceive it. In a way, a picture taken in clear light is like a fact. It does not leave any room for imagination. When the object is clearly recognizable, it is also easily ignorable. Darkness, on the other hand, is comparable to some sort of uncertainty. Not being able to see could be interpreted as a symbol of not knowing, of not being in control. In the series, Vasko photographed nightly spaces lit by only artificial light. They are picturing different ways of trying to control a dark city space trough our ability of seeing. These themes are about four different types of darkness, from the chaos of artificial light in a big city to the dimness of a private bedroom.