Small Images

Small Images, 2018/2019

64 x 54 cm

work on paper, 6 works


Photo-graphies, 1973

50 x 59,5 cm

photo paper, 10 photos


Color, 1978

100 x 70 cm

work on paper, 8 works

Jarosław Kozłowski’s work “Color” from 1978 consists of a horizontal row of eight unicolored cardboard panels. The artist had requested friends to designate the unspecific red color tone of the paper. The answers are printed centrally on the panels, they range from “reddish” via “purple” and “rosy” through to associative comparisons: “like the sky before storm” or “like a heliotrope.” Though the panels have the same color, the designations all differ from one another, by which the artist illustrates two things: that the relation between an object and its linguistic denotation is arbitrary, and
that even a monochromatic color field can thus be perceived in entirely different ways.

Surface Drawings

Surface Drawings, 1979

150 x 122 cm

4 drawings



153 x 50 x 5 cm


Object Drawings (Waiting for Beckett)

Object Drawings (Waiting for Beckett), 2010


Jarosław Kozłowski’s Object Drawings (Waiting for Beckett) destabilizes the notion of an object. Drawn over until they are blackened, the chair, the table, the clock, cause them to be de-objectified, so that its function is taken over by the drawing. So there are two tables, two chairs, two clocks. Which are more “real”?


Transit, 2006


24 paintings, 24 suitcases, 24 alarm clocks

Cover Your Image (Masks)

Cover Your Image (Masks), 2006

50 x 40 cm

Water color, 32 works

In Masks (2006), Jarosław Kozłowski continues his analytical and critical reflections on painting and the way it is received and interpreted. Each of the 27 abstract watercolor paintings, often reflecting the viewer, is used as a mirror of negation. Kozłowski raises questions about what images hide, mask and what they reveal.

Continuum (drawing activity)

Continuum (drawing activity), 1976