Recycled News II

Jarosław Kozłowski revisits obsolete painting techniques, and asks how painting can be an answer to the current problems of the contemporary world. Recycled News II, consisting of hundreds of newspaper pages garishly painted with watercolours, with its incredible accumulation of press from all over the world, shows us how the media with their mass distribution of information, maintain the myth of diversity. The multilingual collection of newspapers includes titles from different regions of the world. Language, place of publication and political leaning notwithstanding, these newspapers are all similarly framed, similarly dependent on the rhythm-and-repetition aesthetics, and similarly illegible. Newspapers formed in decorative panneau reveal their aesthetisation. Kozłowski casts doubt on the veracity of the media, having meticulously painted over the entire pages of the newspapers and in doing so, he questions the role of media in the contemporary media-governed reality.