Thursday, 14 April 2022

Marcin Jasik: Immidiate Relations

Marcin Jasik: Immidiate Relations

Publisher: Milan Dobes Musuem

Ostrava 2021, Czech Republic
Curator: Lucie Drdova
Interviewed by: Kama Zboralska
Design: Wioletta Kulas
Format: 213 x 297 mm
Pages: 144, Hardcover
Language: English, Polish, Czech

Immediate Relations
Marcin Jasik’s canvases bear many parables and at the same time seek answers to the fundamental questions about the nature of human existence. Their abstract language is transcribed into an intuitive gesture, which, however, is guided by a conscious effort to approach or offer insight into the essential level of meaning of the artist’s paintings.

The relatively recent history of Jasik’s painting narrative begins with a series of canvases where he was inspired  by drawings of mentally ill people, their primitive language and a certain crudeness of unschooled expression. Yet here, for the first time, there are signs of a dualistic space between the sacred and the profane. The contradicting nature of visual values that the painter applies supports the content construction. On the contrary - motifs that appear to be formally contrasting seek unity. The tremulousness of white and dark shades, the basal nature of geometric shapes of blurred edges, the horizontal  as well as vertical division of the picture plan refer to  a higher order or belief in it.

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