Jyrki Parantainen at Fondamenta by Artissima

Jyrki Parantainen at Fondamenta by Artissima

Jyrki Parantainen is presented in the Main Section of Fondamenta.

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Fondamenta is a project based on the work of a fair in progress, to experiment with new ways of meeting and communicating, reacting to the transformations of the present. It is coordinated by the curators of Artissima 2020 and produced with galleries for galleries, which are the fundamental "fondamenta” (foundations) of the fair, the heart and fulcrum of the art market.

Dates: Online until 5 July 2020 

About the art work: 

"These three young ballet dancers are rehearsing in the old opera hall in Helsinki. They all have started to do so at an early age. We all know what kind of physical and mental voyage is awaiting them if they wish to proceed to a higher level in the field they have chosen.Filled with hope and the strength of their own will, their journey to reach their goals has many mental as well as physical hurdles. The metal strings in the image are the references of all those expectations they will face from the audience, teachers and dancers themselves. Pulled together, these strings form their own aurora around each dancer, representing the ceilings of their expectations." 

Timothy Persons about Maps of Expectations, Berlin, 2020