Viewing Room

Wednesday, 29 March 2023

Marcin Jasik

Marcin Jasik

Untitled, 2022
170 x 220 cm
Acrylic, tape on canvas


Marcin Jasik's paintings are a constant search in the area of the painterly language of abstraction. The artist draws inspiration from both his own experiences and the history of painting, by re-processing iconic images or motifs. What is visible in his works is free, intuitive utterance, however, guided by a conscious system of meanings and logic forms. These seemingly contradictory forms emphasize the narrative structure in pictures. The final result is a clear composition with which the artist asks questions about the nature of human existence. His abstract paintings carry their own visual literacy, which he then reduces through his own aesthetic filter to create a feeling of open spatiality. They emit a sense of lightness in how he utilizes an effortless score of gestures and strokes through a series of applied lines and shapes to create a state of ocular tensions. Jasik builds up his reduced narrative by using thin layers of paint and acrylics to choreograph his own synaptic compositions in his visual pursuit of what's essential, the essence behind what we see but feel. His paintings float somewhere between a pale John Zurier and a reduced Antonio Tapies. They represent his pursuit to form a new perspective on how to balance the material world with the spiritual.