"Róbertsdóttir’s marvelous black and white works from a new series are made solely of either sea salt or black lava salt mixed with water and poured on panes of glass; as the water evaporates, the salt adheres to the glass in a process that is part meticulous plan and part chance. These works are enigmatic (and can, in fact, resemble photographs or X-rays from a distance), and although fundamentally abstract, they also suggest microscopic forms such as single-celled organisms; vast cosmic structures, like nebulae and galaxy clusters; and landscapes (or perhaps entire countries, or islands) in miniature or seen from a satellite.” (Volk 2018, 7)

Volk, Gregory: "Thinking with Things: On the Elemental Art of Ragna Róbertsdóttir”. In: Ragna Róbertsdóttir. Works 1984-2017. Berlin 2018. 5-15.